3 a.m Reserve

3 a.m Reserve
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Next generation! Now 20% hotter! 3 a.m. Reserve takes our classic 2 a.m. one step further.

For the chilli-head that's got everything!!

 2 Million+ Scoville Units.

Weight 320g ea. -  Bottle shape & design may differ from illustration due to different releases of 3 AM Reserve buy the manufacturer. 3 AM is a limited release.

Heat Rating:- UNMEASURABLE.   3 a.m. Reserve is not a sauce, it's an ingredient and is too hot to rate.

Scoville Units: 2,000,000+

Watch a Youtube video review of 3am Reserve here, video will play in a pop up window.

What is a Reserve???
Well, I suppose that there are many ways to answer this question and it depends on who you ask. Here’s my story… As you now know, I started Blair’s back in 1989 with $550 in bartending tips. Death Sauce itself was born out of a need to get people to go home from the bar at the 2am closing time. I dared them all to try my “Wings of Death,” allowing anyone who survived to stay as long as they wanted (3am, 4am, 5am, perhaps??). I loved watching someone light up like a candle and then come running back for more. Soon, the rumours spread and people were asking to take home the hot stuff. Back then, I made everything myself. Made my own labels, cooked up my own sauce, and bottled it all with my own two hands. As Death Sauce began to take off, I wanted to do something even more special for my new chillihead fans. I couldn’t do a lot because I just couldn’t afford anything fancy. So, I chose to make a small number (less than 100) “Special Bottles at a time. I signed um and wrote “FEEL ALIVE” on them... I travelled to food shows to sell them (for gas money!) and for the thrill of watching people enjoy their very own bottle of Fury… Twenty years later, I still passionately make every single Reserve myself! My reward is simply the privilege of sharing my incredible passion and letting the crazy ideas in my head come to life in a Reserve Bottle. Today, Reserves are found in the homes of the world’s most discerning Chilliheads. What I once sold for $25 a bottle have now been resold by others for well over $10,000 a bottle. To my ChilliPals who share my passion in enjoying these Uber Collectible bottles as much as I enjoy making them, All I can say is Thank you and Feel Alive!!!



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